Gas Tax

This new gas tax will cost a family of four $779.28, That would be your Christmas money. We must repeal this and give hard working families a Christmas present! There is enough money in the state budget to fix our roads if Sacramento will prioritize road repair above frivolous pork-barrel projects.

Prop 13

The “TAX and SPEND” legislature has been gunning for this tax break for hard-working families, and wants desperately to make it go away. It was enacted so that homeowners would not be taxed out of their homes. But no .. . our tax-thirsty politicians still want more.

Prop 57

Misguided legislators have raised the bar for felonies, and now many get a pass when they commit crimes. Crime is up. Auto burglaries are up. Neighborhoods, once safe, are no longer. We need to reconsider Prop’s 47 and 57, and AB109.


We keep throwing money down this rabbit hole. There is NEVER enough money for education. That is because the money goes to bloated salaries at the top, while the hardworking teachers receive crumbs. It is so draining for our rank and file teachers; many use their own money to buy supplies.


It is crazy to release any criminal into society. Those citizens who have done their time, and behave appropriately, should be given probation or release. However, undocumented persons who have violated our laws must be removed from the community. They have demonstrated their unwillingness to comply with our laws.

Housing costs

The cost of housing in urban areas is ridiculous. This is a combination of putting more people in to a smaller area and regulations. While curtailing population growth will have to be considered in the future, we can immediately review and reduce the rules concerning property use and construction.

High taxes and regulation

California is widely recognized as a high tax state (in spite of Prop 13), and due to regulation, it is classified as anti-business. We need to really look at our state’s costs and reduce them where possible. And regulations can be less restrictive while maintaining our environment.

Bullet Train

This boondoggle would be farcical if it wasn’t. so expensive and unnecessary. The voters approved bonds for a high-speed system that would not cost more than $37B ($9B bonding, fed funds and private investment). Now it is $70B+ and climbing. And there is no private-public partnership as promised. Why? It’s a boondoggle! It will not be able to compete with airplanes. We need to stop this insanity.

Violence against Women

I detest and oppose all types of violence, especially violence against women. I support women defending themselves. I also encourage families to teach non-violence, coping skills, and self-defense, to both sons and daughters. All sexual and other violence against women should be reported to the proper authorities and thoroughly investigated. This issue should be added or continue to be included, at the appropriate grade level, in the school curriculum. Congress should continue to fund the mission and work of the Office of Violence Against Women. (Extracted from response to a recent email question)

Recommendation – Propositions

Yes on 6 and 11. No on all the rest. And, no on LA County Measure “W” parcel tax.